Building A Better Bathroom: Tips For Bathroom Construction

What Is Valet Self Storage And Is It Right For You?

Are you looking for one or more self storage units to hold your belongings between moves, or while you're getting major repairs done to your house? Moving your things into self storage units can be almost as difficult as moving to an entire new house. You've got to box things up, make sure they're packed carefully, move them to the unit, and unload them. You've also got to arrange them within the unit so they are organized and set up safely. Read More 

What Are The Different Types Of Crushers Available?

A crusher is a staple tool for the mining and construction industries, but what exactly is it? Rock crusher might be a more accurate name for this piece of heavy construction equipment. Its job is to crush stone and rock faster than a crew could process it by hand. From there, the concept becomes more complex, because there are different varieties of crushes available at aggregate equipment auctions. Finding the right tool for the job means understanding how they differ. Read More 

Flooding In Your Attic: How To Prevent It And What To Do Should It Happen To You

When most people hear about homes being flooded, they usually think about ground floors and basements. However, attic spaces are vulnerable to flooding, too. That is why you need to know how to protect your home as well as quickly and correctly handle attic flooding. Here is what you should know: What makes attic flooding uniquely damaging? Rising water from rain-swollen bodies of water is the cause of most residential flooding, but flooding in the attic is typically caused by other reasons, both natural and manmade: Read More 

3 Reasons You Should Choose Seamless Rain Gutters

Are you thinking about replacing those old rain gutters? One of the first decisions that you will be faced with is deciding between traditional gutters or the seamless variety. Although you might be tempted to go with the cheapest option, seamless rain gutters have several advantages over other models, which might make a big difference. Here are three reasons that you should choose seamless rain gutters, and why you will be happy with your decision later. Read More 

How To Ensure A Flood Costs You A Fortune

Unfortunately, flooding is an often unpredictable part of life for many homeowners. Floods don't only happen in flood plains, they can happen during unexpected torrential precipitation, or because of faulty plumbing, too. After the fact, you're probably going to care a lot more about the property damage than the cause of the flood, though. Here are some mistakes some people have made that ended up costing them a fortune after a flood. Read More 

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Building A Better Bathroom: Tips For Bathroom Construction

The one challenge I always had with my house was the fact that there was no bathroom on the first floor. Once I reached a point where I had equity in the house, I decided it was time to do some renovations. After working with a local construction contractor to map out the plans for converting the mud room into a first-floor bathroom, I decided to chronicle the entire process. I created this site to do just that in the hopes that reading about my experiences and what I learned may help others decide to tackle that renovation project they've always wanted to do as well.

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