Building A Better Bathroom: Tips For Bathroom Construction

What Are Trusses And Rafters?

The roof of your house does more than just cover your house and keep the weather out. It helps to keep your house straight and plumb. Your roof is going to need to have support so that it can do its job. That's because any kind of roof would just collapse in on itself and your house if you didn't have any support under your roof. There are various ways to support a roof and various kinds of supports. Read More 

Information On Getting A New Boiler

If you have been having problems with your boiler, then it may be time for a new one. When your boiler needs to be replaced, there are some things that you should know in order to make the right decisions and for you to be satisfied with the results after you do get your new one installed. Here are some things you should be aware of regarding new boilers. Don't wait too long Read More 

Time To Replace Your Roof? Top Advantages Of Using Tile

If you want to make the most of your property, you'll need to have a roof in good condition. Over time, it's likely you'll need to put a new roof on your home. Doing this could be an expense you may not look forward to, but it is a necessary one. It's ideal to use the tile as your roofing material if you want one that offers several benefits. Knowing why tile roofing is a good choice may be helpful to you. Read More 

What To Do When You Repeatedly Lose Your Well Pump Prime

Pumps play an integral role in the delivery of water to many residential properties. This means that maintaining the pump properly is essential if you want to ensure you always have access to the water you need within your home. Many pumps need to be primed before they can function properly. Priming is the act of filling the well casing with water so that it does not become filled with vapors or gases instead. Read More 

Signs Your Hot Water Heater Is Breaking Down

Water heaters pull quite the load in most households. The water that enters your house is usually tempered based on the climate in your community. If you want to transform lukewarm water into hot liquid, your water heater has to put in the work so that you're able to funnel climate-controlled liquid all over your house. Because the water heater is one of those appliances that is usually tucked away in a dark corner of the attic or garage, you have to be aware of the signs of trouble so that you're able to catch them before they get worse. Read More 

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Building A Better Bathroom: Tips For Bathroom Construction

The one challenge I always had with my house was the fact that there was no bathroom on the first floor. Once I reached a point where I had equity in the house, I decided it was time to do some renovations. After working with a local construction contractor to map out the plans for converting the mud room into a first-floor bathroom, I decided to chronicle the entire process. I created this site to do just that in the hopes that reading about my experiences and what I learned may help others decide to tackle that renovation project they've always wanted to do as well.


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