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Are Bigger Gutters a Good Investment for Your Home?

Many different material types for gutters do exist, and most homeowners are aware of some of the basic differences between things like aluminum and vinyl gutters. However, even once you have decided on what type of gutters your home needs, you also have to look at what size the gutters should be. This is where a lot of homeowners tend to get confused.

Gutters can be four to six inches wide. The measurement is referring to the width of the top opening. Knowing that, which size should you pick for your home? Here is a look at some of the questions to answer to help you make the right decision about the gutter size. 

1. Do you have a lot of tall trees surrounding your home?

Trees are one thing you should always look at when you are picking gutters, even when you are considering sizes. If there are trees that stand high above your roof and are in close enough proximity that their falling debris would land on the roof, larger gutters will be important. Small gutters will get clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris from the trees, but a gutter that has a larger opening will be able to accommodate this litter without inhibiting water flow when it rains. 

2. How much rainfall does your area usually get?

Rainfall density is another important thing to consider when you are picking the right gutter sizes. Areas that sustain heavier rainfall amounts may call for larger gutter systems on homes within that location. You should look at the average rainfall amounts during one rainstorm and not just the general amount of rain. If it is common for your area to get several inches of rain over a few days, for example, larger gutters may be best. 

3. How steep is the pitch of your roof?

The higher the pitch of the roof is, or the steeper it is, the faster the rain will fall from the roof and flow into the gutters. Therefore, the gutters will need to be sizable enough to accommodate the rapid accumulation. If your home has a rather tall roof with a greater pitch than most, it is best to go with a larger gutter system. If you do not, the gutters could fill up faster than what they will drain out and cause issues with rain overflowing. 

Learn more about which size is ideal for your home by contacting installation services such as California Gutter Company INC.

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