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What To Do When You Repeatedly Lose Your Well Pump Prime

Pumps play an integral role in the delivery of water to many residential properties. This means that maintaining the pump properly is essential if you want to ensure you always have access to the water you need within your home.

Many pumps need to be primed before they can function properly. Priming is the act of filling the well casing with water so that it does not become filled with vapors or gases instead. A functional pump will remain primed, but the repeated loss of well pump prime is cause for concern.

Check Water Levels

It is common for the water levels in a well to fluctuate over time. Changes in environmental conditions and precipitation levels can affect a well's production. One of the reasons your pump might be losing its prime on a repeated basis is that the water table within your well has dropped.

Submersible pumps must be fully engulfed in water to retain their prime. You can resolve the repeated loss of prime problems by simply lowering your pump further into the well to accommodate the drop in water levels. 

Replace Valves

Modern well pumps rely on a series of valves to help them regulate the flow of water from the well into your home's plumbing system. Check valves run along the length of the delivery pipe, and a foot valve is located at the bottom of the well with the pump.

If either of these types of valves malfunction, water cannot flow freely through the pump. This can result in a loss of prime. If you find that you are having to repeatedly prime your well pump, identify and replace any faulty valves within the pump system.

Look for Air Leaks

A well pump is a closed system. This means that there should not be air within the pump or the well pump lines at any time. Air leaks can cause the water within the pump housing to disappear. This will create a void that will then be filled by vapors or gas that could cause the pump motor to seize.

Repeated loss of prime could be a warning sign of air leaks. Check the pipes, valves, and connections for damaged areas that might be allowing air to infiltrate the pump system, then replace these damaged components to restore proper function to your well pump.

Prime is important when it comes to the function of your well pump. Take the time to troubleshoot a repeated loss of prime if you want your pump to last. 

If one of these issues is happening with your well pump, then contact a local well pump service like Hull Well & Pump Service to determine the problem and fix it. 

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