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Roof Repair: Why There's A Lot To Know And Why Only A Pro Can Do It

Roofing contractors fill their days with all kinds of appointments. They do not do just roof repairs, but about fifty other roof-related jobs as well. If that is not complicated enough, new developments in roofing are happening all the time. There are a lot more reasons why there is a lot to know in this field, and why you should only let a pro work on your roof.

There Are Multiple Types of Roofs and Materials

Roofing is not limited to residential roofs. There are also commercial roofs and industrial roofs. Every type of roofing specialty also has its related materials.

These materials include:

  • Rubber
  • Felt
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Slate
  • Traditional shingle
  • Shaker shingles
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Terra Cotta
  • Tile

Manufactured roofing materials change, and as they become available, they add to the long list of materials. A roofing contractor has to know everything about every material in order to provide for consumer needs. If a roofing contractor does not do a certain kind of roof, or has limited knowledge about it, he or she may only specialize in some other type of roof construction

Roofs and Roof Designs Are Constantly Changing

Once upon a time, roofs were either flat or gabled. Then architects got bolder and braver. Modern architects are constantly pushing the limits of roofing architecture, and roofing contractors have to keep up. If you were to order a roof replacement and you wanted to recreate a roof based on something you saw in a magazine or a TV remodeling show, your roofing contractor would have to know how that was done. A DIY homeowner could never come close to the kind of skill and mastery it would take to do that, but a roofing contractor could.

There Is More Than One Way to Repair or Replace a Roof

Most people think that repairing a roof is just slapping another sheet of shingles over the top of the problem and nailing it down. Others think that the only solution to replacing a roof is a complete tear-off. In both instances, they are wrong. Roofers know that there is more than one way to properly repair a roof, and more than one way to replace it, too.

For example, you could just purchase a metal roof and install it right over the top of your old roof. This type of roof replacement makes the old roof the substrate. Subsequently, there is less mess, less concern for the roof and attic of your home, and the job is done much faster. Without some roofing experience to fall back on, it is unlikely that you could install a metal roof this way by yourself.

Why Only a Pro Can and Should Work on Your Roof

Safety is the biggest reason. Roofers know how to walk a roof carefully. They know how to tie themselves securely to something that will not let them fall to the ground. 

Roofers have lots of employees to help so the job is completed quickly. If you were to attempt to do any roofing work by yourself, you might take more than a day for repairs as you slowly make your way around the roof. If you have to replace your roof,  it would take more than a week, whereas a roofing contractor and his/her crew might be done in just a couple of days.

Finally, a roofer is fully insured and bonded. This means that if anything happens to him/her or one of his/her crew, the roofer covers the expenses and you do not get sued. When you attempt to do your own roofing work, you should have insurance as well. If you get anyone but a pro, that person or persons could sue you for personal injury and your homeowner's insurance would have to pay it.

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