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Why Get A Surveyor Before You Buy Your First Farm?

Deciding to lead the life of a farmer can be a worthwhile venture. The idea of making your living from fertile soil and growing crops may appeal to you, but the first challenge you may run into as a new farmer is purchasing the right property. Your first farm purchase needs to be well-thought out so that you own a place that will help you build your fortune. A land surveyor can help make this purchase easier by helping with the following aspects.

Possible Subdivisions

As someone who is just beginning to enter the life of a professional farmer, you may want to start with a small property. Once you start looking at farms in the area, though, you may feel discouraged because it seems as if only large farms are available. Your problem could be short-lived if you ask a land surveyor for help. That's because a surveyor can give you guidance you'll need to divide up any property so that you can have a farm of a manageable size and profit from the extra space. The surveyor can talk with your town's zoning office so that they know how big each of your subdivided lots will need to be and help you determine where to put lines of separation. As a result, you can sell the subdivided lots if you think you won't need them.

True Boundaries

If you are unable to determine how much of any farm is taken up by wetlands or whether a neighbor's shed is actually situated on your property, a surveyor can help. Farms that have changed hands over time can make it hard to tell exactly where the property lines are drawn; you'll need to be aware of these boundaries so that you can know where to place sheds, fences and other structures. Not only that, but if you have plans to install or build a particular structure, you can find any problems due to neighboring property owners having fences on buildings on what will technically be your land.  The surveyor will examine prior deeds and can put flags in place to show where the farm's property begins and ends so you can discuss any issues with the seller of the farm before buying.

With the assistance of a surveyor, you can know more about the property you buy and be better able to make decisions regarding it. Contact some surveyors nearby to get more of an idea of how they can help you with your first farm. For great information, check out

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