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4 Signs Your Electrical Panel Isn't Working Correctly

An electrical panel, also known as a panel board, is the device primarily used to feed electricity to the sub-circuits of a building or structure. The electrical panel accepts power from the main source (your electric company and power lines) and ensures the proper flow of electricity through the building and allows you to get power at your home, office, or industrial plant. When the electrical panel is not working properly it can result in harmful effects, including an electrical fire. For the safety and security of your home and family it is critical that you contact an electrical repair company to inspect and possibly replace the electrical panel if you suspect any problems. Here are a few signs that may indicate your electrical panel isn't working properly.

Circuit Breakers Trip More Frequently

If you are continuously having to reset the circuit breakers or replace a lot of fuses, there is a chance the electrical panel is getting overloaded and it is unable to supply an adequate amount of power to your home. It basically means that there is an unsafe amount of electricity moving through the circuit, which can be extremely dangerous for you and your home. In this situation, it is best to completely shut down the electrical panel by flipping off the main circuit and contact a local electrical repair company as soon as possible.

Failure to Restart

In most situations, the first instinct when the circuit breaker trips is to restart it (flip the switch). But, if the power fails to restart, it is a clear indication that the panel is not working correctly and it should have immediate attention. It is important that you not try to restart the power over and over, because it may cause short-circuit, which can lead to a fire. If the power does not come back on after trying to restart it the first time, shut the main breaker off and contact a repair company immediately.

Flickering Lights

The electrical panel typically has one or more lights on the device, often times it is beside each breaker switch or at least by the main switch. If the light is flickering on the electrical panel, do not touch it or try to shut it off. A flickering light in the electrical panel is an indication of failure, so touching the panel itself may put your life in danger. This condition typically occurs when there is a wrong connection established between the wires. Do not attempt to fix this problem on your own and do not touch the breakers, instead contact a local electrical repair company immediately.

Constant Buzzing Sound

In many situations a constant buzzing sound may be normal. For example, if you hear a light buzzing sound, especially when you are near the electrical panel, it is typically a normal sound created by the vibration of the electrical current. However, if the buzzing sound increases in loudness, it may be caused by a few different reasons, such as a loose or damaged wire or an internal fault. If you hear a loud buzzing sound when you are far away from the electrical panel, it may not have tripped when it should, so you should contact an electrical repair company as soon as possible.

If you notice any irregular behavior from the electrical panel, for the safety of you and your home, you should contact a professional that is experienced in working with electrical panels. Ignoring any signs that there may be a problem with the electrical panel may result in a fire and/or life-threatening injuries to you and/or your family.

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