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3 Reasons Why It Is Important For Your AC Coolant Hoses To Be Protected With Insulation

When most homeowners think of problems with their central cooling system, they envision issues with the unit itself or even the ductwork running through the house. However, there is one other component of the average central cooling system that can cause you problems: the AC coolant hoses. The coolant hoses typically run from the unit itself into the house and these hoses house the refrigerant that actually makes it possible for the air conditioner to produce cooled air. While these hoses should be well insulated and covered, in many cases, time and wear removes this insulation. Take a quick look at a few reasons why having these AC coolant lines properly insulated is a really big deal. 

The insulation protects the quality of the lines. 

If you take a look at the coolant lines of your AC and see that the insulation around them is starting to deteriorate, calling up an HVAC technician to have the insulation replaced is important because this insulation protects the life of those lines. Without the insulative coating in place, the lines will be open to the elements and can start to deteriorate and break down quickly, which means you could start to lose valuable refrigerant. 

The insulation helps the coolant do its job. 

The coolant that runs through the AC coolant lines of your unit has the highly important job of dropping the air temperature so your home can be cooled. While the insulation may seem like an effort to protect the lines alone, the insulation is also an added layer of protection to help the coolant stay at the proper temperatures. If the coolant lines are left without insulation for protection, it can alter the temperature of the coolant inside, which can make it seem like you have low coolant levels when you actually do not. 

The insulation helps to keep coolant leaks at bay. 

The coolant that is used in a home air conditioning unit is actually freon, which is a combination of chemicals that should not be released into the atmosphere because it can be an environmental threat. While small pinhole leaks are common in the coolant lines of the home AC, having insulation over these lines does help to prevent the contents of the lines from spilling out openly into the surrounding environment.  

Even though the insulation you see wrapped around coolant lines of your central cooling system may seem unimportant, this is definitely an important part of a well-functioning cooling system. If you have spotted missing or damaged line insulation around some of the lines on your AC unit, make sure you contact a professional for assistance. For more information, contact a business such as Hydraulic Hose & Cylinder Inc.   

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