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Cleaning Out a Deceased Loved One's Home? Tips to Ease the Process

When a loved one passes away, the grieving process doesn't stop with the memorial service. In fact, in many situations, the grieving process extends into cleaning out the deceased's house. If you've been tasked with cleaning out their belongings, you need to be prepared to make this process as easy as possible. Here are a few tips to help you tackle the clean-out process with confidence.

Recognize That the Job Is Going to Be Emotional

One of the mistakes that many people make is failing to recognize how difficult the process will be. Remember that you're already grieving, so your emotions are raw. Be prepared to go through a range of emotions while you're cleaning things out. You'll be likely to experience feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, happiness, and more as you work through the house. Don't try to suppress those emotions. Use this opportunity to de-clutter not only the house but also your own emotions. Take time to process those feelings, accept them, and continue to move forward. Try to focus your de-cluttering efforts during those times of day when you're feeling at your best.

Know When You Need Help

You may find that you work better on your own while you're working through your own grief, but don't discount the benefit of having people there to help you. Remember that sometimes sharing stories and memories can be as healing as working through things on your own. Consider reaching out to friends and family for help as you sort things out so that you can better remember that you're not alone.

Set Expectations from the Start

It's easy to get lost in the enormity of the project. Make sure that you have clear expectations set from the start so that you don't push yourself too hard. For example, consider creating multiple piles to sort things out. If you can't immediately decide to keep, donate, or dispose of something, you should put it into a temporary pile to revisit afterward. Recognize that this pile will need your attention again, and don't let it bog you down. Know what you need to keep, such as those things that were of significant financial or sentimental value to your family or your loved one.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Remember that you aren't always going to be able to get through all of the clean-out as quickly as you might like. Don't let that discourage you. Remember that your loved one spent their entire life accumulating all of those items, so you can't expect to go through all of those things in a matter of days. It's equally important to remember that you don't have to get rid of everything right away. If there are some things that you're not sure you really want to keep but aren't actually ready to get rid of, You can put things into storage until you're ready to deal with them later.

Hire Professionals

Once you've removed everything that you deem valuable and those things that you're going to keep, it may be easier for you to hire a junk-removal company to clear everything else out of the house. The company will charge you a flat rate based on how much stuff there is to dispose of. Consider asking for an on-site consultation to ensure that the quote is as accurate as possible. When you book the service, make sure you know whether you'll need someone on-site to help them or not.

These tips will help you clear out your loved one's property without adding unnecessary strain throughout the grieving process. Talk with a local junk-removal company such as The Dump Guy today to see what they can do to help you out.

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