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3 Ways To Keep Your Hunting Dog Safe & Happy In Your Backyard

If you are welcoming a new canine family member into your home that has an instinct to hunt, chances are that it will spend a lot of time in your backyard getting exercise and taking care of business in the elimination department (poo and pee). Here are a few important things you'll need to do to keep your pet safe and happily confined in your backyard.

Install chain link fencing

Hunting dogs have an instinct to chase wildlife. If your dog sees a bunny, squirrel or deer, it may take off and chase the animal. But a dog out there chasing wildlife could get hit by a car or get lost or injured. Prevent your dog from chasing wildlife by installing a chain link fence. Chain link fencing is ideal because it doesn't block the view. This allows your dog to see what's going on when it hears noises from the surrounding area, which can keep it from becoming anxious.

You'll need to be sure the fence is tall enough so the dog will not be able to jump over it. You'll also need to make sure to install a tension wire at the bottom of the fence so your dog cannot crawl underneath it. It's a good idea to install two gates on opposite sides so you won't have to walk around the entire perimeter to reach the other side in case someone accidentally throws a Frisbee or other toy over the fence. You can discuss different options with a fencing contractor, such as those at Nickelston Fence Inc.

Get Your Dog to Run

Any dog owner will tell you that most dogs are better behaved when they are exercised, especially hunting dogs that have been bred to be active. Running is great exercise for dogs, but a fenced in yard can be a bit too confining for running, especially for large dogs.

One thing you can do to get your dog running is to play a chasing game. Tie a stuffed animal to the end of a lunge whip for horses. Stand in the middle of your backyard with the lunge whip in your hand and start swinging the whip around you in a large circle so the stuffed animal is flying through the air around you. Your dog should instinctively begin to chase the stuffed animal. Be careful to not let the stuffed animal get snagged in the chain link fencing as you whip it around.

Keep the Yard Clean

Unless you take your dog for walks each and every time it has to pee or poo, you and your dog will likely have to traverse a few landmines in your backyard if you don't develop a routine. Scoop the poop on a regular basis and either dump it into the toilet to flush it or put it into a compost to be used for ornamental plants only.

Plant ornamental greenery around the interior of the chain link fencing so you can make good use of the amount of compost your dog will help make. This will also be a good way for you to be able to spot various parts of the fence your dog may be focused on.

You also might need to be concerned about the dog's pee turning the grass yellow. The reason this happens is that the urine often contains too much nitrogen, which is common in dogs. The larger the dog, the larger area they can damage each time they pee. To prevent yellowing of the grass, rinse it as soon as your dog is done peeing. Since this can be challenging to do each time, especially at 0'dark thirty in the morning, consider giving your dog supplements to reduce the nitrogen in their urine.

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