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Is There A Way To Stop The Utility Company From Clipping Trees On Private Property?

Many homeowners learn too late that utility companies have the right to clip or remove trees on the property they feel pose a threat to the power lines. Unfortunately, these companies tend to preference speed over quality, which often result in trees that are poorly trimmed or cut down altogether. If there are power lines running near your home, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent the utility company from butchering your tall green friends. Here's a little bit of advice.

Keep Trees Trimmed the Minimum Distance

There's no denying trees can disrupt electrical service. It's not uncommon for branches to fall on power lines and break them. Another problem is rodents, other ground animals, and even children may access and damage power lines by climbing up trees and jumping onto the wires from the branches.

Because of this, utility companies typically require tree branches to be a certain amount of distance away from the power lines. For example, Oncor Electric Delivery Co. cut trees so branches are a minimum of 10 feet, 4 inches away from the wires.

Therefore, one way to protect your trees is to keep them trimmed the minimum distance required. If your trees are already pruned to the right size, there's no need for the utility company to touch them. Additionally, you'll have control over who does the pruning, so you can hire a company who will ensure the trees are trimmed in a healthy way.

Relocate the Trees

Another option is to relocate the trees to a different place on your property. Utility companies are usually granted easements on private properties, meaning they have the right to enter the grounds and make certain changes related to the maintenance and delivery of electric service. These easements are usually limited to a certain size, though. For example, the easement size for most homes in Tulsa , Oklahoma, is 7.5 feet from the road. The electric company can alter trees within that zone, but cannot touch trees outside it without your permission.

Another way to protect your trees from the electric company, then, is to move them out of the easement zone. This is a particularly good idea if the tree is large and cutting the branches to the required distance from the power lines will result in harm to the tree. Be aware, though, that the larger the tree the more work and expense will be required to relocate it. However, it may be worth the investment if the tree has significant monetary or sentimental value.

For more ideas on preventing the utility provider from cutting your trees, contact a tree service company. Navigate to this website to learn more. 

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