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What Are The Different Types Of Crushers Available?

A crusher is a staple tool for the mining and construction industries, but what exactly is it? Rock crusher might be a more accurate name for this piece of heavy construction equipment. Its job is to crush stone and rock faster than a crew could process it by hand. From there, the concept becomes more complex, because there are different varieties of crushes available at aggregate equipment auctions. Finding the right tool for the job means understanding how they differ.

Jaw Crusher

A jaw crusher traps the material between two large plates, or jaws. This tool is best suited for soft stone that does not have to look good once crushed.

Compound Cone Crusher

Manufacturer HXJQ describes a compound cone crusher as a vertical crusher machine that is a practical choice for many different industries. The compound crusher features a steel frame that holds up against materials with medium hardness. You might see it posted under VSC series in listings for used aggregate equipment for sale.

Spring Cone Crusher

A spring, or Symons, cone crusher is better suited for the hard or mid-hard rocks and ore found in the metallurgy, building and transportation industries. The spring cone crusher offers big breaking force and high processing capacity. The design prevents dust from entering the machine body, making it a durable aggregate tool.

Hydrolytic Cone Crusher

Under the category of hydrolytic cone crusher, you will see two different types available at aggregate equipment auctions: single and multi-cylinder. Both styles offer low energy consumption and uniform particle size, according to Changlei, and will crush rocks with medium or above medium hardness.

Impact Crusher

An impact crusher delivers a blow to the surface of the stone to break it. There are three styles of impact crushers:

  • Horizontal shaft impactors – The horizontal unit spins the rock and impacts it with hammers that sit on the outer edge of the shaft
  • Cage mill pulverizers – Reserved for softer, nonabrasive material
  • Vertical shaft impactors – The vertical shaft impactor uses surface force to break up the rock. The machine flips the stone against the wall of the crushing chamber with enough drive to shatter it at the natural fissures.

Mineral Sizers

Mineral sizers drive material through a gear system using large teeth to break the stone into a consistent size – making it more of a grinder than a crusher. As the rotors grab onto the rock, they apply pressure that enhances the natural fissures in the stone. The tension increases as the gears turn, pressing the rock against both the front and back tooth surfaces until it breaks. A mineral sizer has a second set of teeth fixed on a breaker bar to handle any pieces that might still be too large.

Choosing the Right Crusher

As you shop the aggregate equipment auctions, you will be able to evaluate the various crusher types, but how do you choose the right one? Zenith Mining and Construction suggests you let grain size be your guide when selecting a crusher.

  • A jaw crusher is good for soft work and an appropriate choice for sand and gravel recycling
  • Impact crushers are fine for heaving mining or quarry jobs
  • The cone crushers handle medium to hard stone
  • Opt for a mineral sizer when the size of the broken material matters

In some cases, you might need more than one style of crusher to get the job done. The primary crusher from a place like Machinery Access would break the stone into smaller, workable pieces, so the secondary unit can refine it into gravel or sand. Research different ways to recycle the stone in your area to see if buying more than one makes sense. 

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