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Could A Wood Burning Stove Be The Perfect Solution For Your Home?

Wood burning stoves are a common choice in rural areas where other forms of heat are not as reliable. However, even in more populated areas, a wood burning stove is a viable heat source, even if it is just as a backup to your central heating system.

You Might Spend Far Less on Heating

While wood burning is a far less efficient heat source than other methods, it is one of the least expensive. This is particularly true if you find a place that will allow you to cut the wood yourself. The tradeoff is that this will require a significant time commitment, and chopping wood by hand is certainly not for everyone. Even if you have the wood delivered to you, pre-cut, wood burning stoves are an inexpensive heat source that you can use regardless of your financial situation.

They do cost a bit to purchase and have installed, but it is far less than a traditional central heating system. This makes it an ideal solution for people whose heaters have gone bad or are going bad and people who simply cannot afford to replace those heaters at this time. They can spend a little bit up front on some wood and the stove, and use the cost savings over a year or two to save up for a new furnace.

It is There If and When You Need It

One reason to have a wood burning stove installed is as a companion heating system for your central heat. If you live in an area that often has strong winter storms, this can be a life saving decision. Central heating and space heaters need electricity to run, and a generator will only last so long. In contrast, a wood burning stove will be able to completely heat a modestly sized home regardless of the conditions outside, keeping you and your family safe from the harsh winter temperatures. Because they are inexpensive to purchase, and need very minimal maintenance when not in use, you can easily have a furnace installed and leave it and a small wood stockpile alone for years until you need it.

You can also go back and forth between heaters as needed. Since a wood burning stove won't work unattended, a vacation home cannot rely on wood burning alone to keep it warm when you are away. A central heating system can be set to only come on just enough to keep the house from having frozen pipes. When you are there for the weekend, turn it off and use your stove to keep the place nice and toasty. Of course, you can always turn up the central air if you don't want to be bothered that day.

It is Less Convenient

While gas and electric heat sources require little intervention beyond paying the bill each month, wood burning stoves do require quite a bit of personal attention. Going out and getting wood from the pile everyday and keeping the fire stocked is simply not for everyone. Even if you do not cut your own wood, you have to find a source and then stack and store your supply. For the busy modern life, this time commitment may not be acceptable, which is a good part of the reason that this heating method is more popular in areas where there is no other heating option.

Getting a wood burning stove feels like such ancient technology when compared to the convenience of modern heating, and it certainly is. Just because it is old tech does not mean it should be dismissed out of hand. Sometimes the simplest solution really is the best road to take. Click here for more information.

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