Building A Better Bathroom: Tips For Bathroom Construction

In-And-Out Focal Point: 3 Decorating Themes Featuring The Prominent Design Element Of Your Walk-Out Basement

When you have a walk-out basement, turning it into an extension of your living space presents a delightful design opportunity. Unlike an ordinary subterranean basement, one wall of a walk-out faces the great outdoors. Also known as a daylight basement in some parts of the country, a walk-out has a natural focal point: the doorway where indoors and outdoors meet. Capitalize on this structural feature by making the door the featured element of a warm, sunny design theme.

French Doors for a Relaxing Garden-Style Oasis

White, hinged double-doors with attractive panes of glass swing outward to greet the day. In cooler weather, the glass provides decorative framing for the view outside.

Tip: Install mini-blinds directly on the door. They can be raised, lowered, and set at a slant for privacy and to screen the sun.

Play up the garden theme of the basement room with decorative laminate tiles in earthy tones. Or use bamboo flooring for a more refined surface. The fact that bamboo a renewable resource makes it a perfect fit for a garden room.

Keep the walls and ceiling light and bright with creamy white paint. Paint the door frame, and any window frames there might be on the same wall, with a light tan or soft, mossy green to subtly draw the line of vision toward the focal point.

Orient large pieces of furniture, like the sofa, so you face the French doors when you're seated. Accent the room with garden-themed accessories, like:

  • vibrant floral-print cushions,
  • an iron baker's rack that holds flowerpots and vases,
  • and colorful prints of antique garden tools hung on the wall.

A Classic Sliding Glass Door for a Bright, Playful Family Room

Opening onto a concrete patio area, or directly into the grassy backyard, a full-glass patio door allows maximum sunlight into the room. Look for the Energy Star label and ensure that the door is installed with proper weather stripping techniques to keep out drafts during the winter.

Tip: Vertical-slat blinds installed over the sliding glass door are adjustable to filter incoming light and can be drawn completely closed at night.

For the playroom decorating theme, keep the area surrounding the door free of furniture or items that can detract from the focal point. This clear area is ideal for fun-on-the-floor games and playing with toys close to the source of sunlight.

Put in a sturdy carpet with ample padding underneath it to keep the floor comfortable for crawling toddlers, playful children and barefoot grown-ups. Basic furniture for a lively atmosphere includes

  • a bright-colored sofa with deep cushions,
  • several upholstered chairs in coordinating prints,
  • and a table for playing board games.

Wood-Framed Glass Doors for a Southwestern Style Hideaway

The natural beauty of wood grain brings rustic drama indoors as it frames the ever-changing panorama of the seasons outside.

Tip: Double-pane glass doors with built-in blinds provide a trouble-free way to achieve full or partial shading inside the room. And you don't have to worry about cleaning the blinds because they are fully encased between the layers of glass.

Sturdy ceramic tile in earthy brown or red tones brings visual warmth to the basement. Paint the walls with soft neutral colors inspired by sagebrush, sand, clear skies and gorgeous desert sunsets.

Set your furniture at a perpendicular angle to the wood-framed doors to facilitate both conversation and views of the compelling scenery beyond the glass. Favorite furnishings and accents for the Southwestern decorating theme include:

  • a rich, brown leather sofa,
  • chairs upholstered in Native American fabrics,
  • hand-carved side tables,
  • and pillows in tones of turquoise, dusty oranges and cactus green to emphasize the desert motif.

By showcasing the doorway in your walk-out basement, the space no longer feels confined by the fact that it's three-quarters buried in the surrounding earth. Enhanced by the cheerful, sunny style of your decorating choices, the room can easily become a favorite hangout for your family and friends. Click to read more.

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